08 November, 2008

That Gas Price Can't Be Right...

When I snapped this photo outside of Kansas City, Missouri, I was so excited. $1.99 was the cheapest I had seen gas in a long, long, long time. At the height of summer, we were paying $4.89 for regular. Ouch. Even when we filled up in Chicago at the start of the trip, it was still at $2.69.

Yet we would see it go even lower still, all the way down to $1.85. I wish I had taken a picture of that; no one here believes me!

When do y'all think it will go up again?


Anonymous said...

I paid $2.39 last night in a suburb of Chicago, which stunned me. Illinois, particularly the Chicago area, is usually neck-and-neck with California for the highest gas prices in the company.

Last June it cost me $76.12 to fill the tank of my fuel-sipping Honda; last night, it cost $37.73.

Honestly, I expected to turn on the car radio and hear Heart or Wham!UK. Definitely a timewarp feeling.

Joanne said...

One thing that I regret about moving to the suburbs (even if we are just a few blocks north of Howard) is that we have to drive to more of our errands. In Uptown, we could go weeks without using the car. Now, I'm much more conscious of gas prices.

When I first got my license, many many moons ago when Wham! was on the radio, gas was 97¢ a gallon. Yeah, ninety-seven cents. As cheap as that sounds, my friends and I would pool our money together so we could buy two bucks worth!