05 June, 2008

Edging Sidewalks and Walkways

I don't think the lawn has been edged in years.

I'm not kidding here—in some spots, the lawn has encroached six to eight inches onto the walkways, with turf up to two inches thick. It's been a looooong time since anyone tried to tame this mess.
But with my trusty manual edger—only $19 at Lowe's—and an old, stumpy broom, I've been working to make it less jungle-y looking.

Love those clean lines!

But the downside of a corner lot is the endless, what must be miles of sidewalk surrounding the house. Oy! This might take a while.


Jennifer said...

Hey! That looks like MY sidewalk! It's the only place where the grass WANTS to grow, coincidentally.

Ethan@OneProjectCloser said...

But it makes your clover look so nice! I just did this but was able to borrow a powered edger from a friend. I got about 5 inches back so it was worth it.

Jen said...

Joanne,your sidewalk is looking great along with the potted flowers.
jennifer-I have the same problem. New grass only grows in the concrete cracks and the garden, not the bare spots in the lawn. I think I should plant clover.

Sandy said...

Looks great! I have one of the people-powered edgers! I love it, the hubby hates it... come to think of it, my grass grows better on the sidewalk and the cracks, too!

Jean Martha said...

It looks great!! I wonder if you could "edge it" with an old hose to keep the grass back from the curb?

Lady Quilter said...
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Joanne said...

I actually do love the manual edger; I feel like I'm getting a mini workout. :-) Although I may now look into getting/borrowing a power edger for once-a-year maintenance.

ILU--I think the POs left us a crappy ol' hose in the garage; I'll give that a try, at least for the walkway to the front door.